Female Ejaculation aka #Squirting

Dear friend, you asked me how many women squirt and whether its exclusive.
It is not exclusive and though elusive with a little help any woman can do it.

Though some naysayers (men especially) will claim it doesn't exist, honey listen to me : squirting exists; plus it's fun to try innit.

The fluid from squirt comes from the urethral opening but it is not urine. 

It contains a liquid called PAP (prostatic acid phosphatase) also found in semen.

Remember to always drink water constantly not just for your help but because it helps with lubrication.

Pee before you have sex with your partner or before you play solo, this way;

  • 1.     you will be sure its squirt
  • .       You will not feel embarrassed when the fluid comes

Foreplay and getting your body warmed up is very important, just like finger fucking or dildoing you have to wait until you are thoroughly wet before sticking anything in.

In the case of squirting take it a step further to ensure that you are very wet, so wet its slippery.
 Lots and lots foreplay and teasing to set you on edge is needed.

You need a lot of foreplay if your ultimate aim is to squirt.

Use lubricant if you dry out easily, I would advise KY jelly for its sterility or if your partner wants to go down on you then find flavoured lube. 

Avoid the whole spitting on vagina thing, it dries out after a while and some  find it disgusting,

Once aroused, insert two fingers into a  vagina with your palm facing up,that way your palm is hitting the clitoris as well, if you can lick the clit or nipples.

A few inches into  the  vagina you will feel a little soft round bump, on the roof of the vagina, that is the G-POST,  move your fingers in a come here motion, slowly at first until you feel it getting hard which means you’re doing well.

If you are using your penis, it is the roof of the vagina , it feels stretchy which is why doggy and missionary with the hips slightly raised works.

So keep at it and don’t forget to lick stroke and tease the nipples and clit while you doing this.

The first 4-5 cm (1-2 inches) of the upper wall of the vagina will slowly get more and more swollen. You will begin to feel that area becoming slightly rougher than the rest of the vagina. 

I read a post that advises putting some pressure on the area where your tummy connects to your mould as this stimulates arousal. I cosign.

Remember throughout this session your partner must not feel pressured, some partners have a habit of constantly mentioning
 how they want partners to squirt.


If you are going at it solo relax and don’t pressure yourself.

The best position for this is on your back with your partner between your legs or alone you could also try squatting.

Doggy style also works but ensure that your hands are touching your partner and that they are absolutely comfortable.

The main trick to squirting is letting it go. 

When you feel like peeing your main instinct is always to hold it back, but the sensation of squirting feels like you are  going to pee SO push it out hard.

This is why i said you need to pee or Number 2 before sex.

Have towels at hand so that you have peace of mind when it happens.

Some people gush a lot of fluid out and for some it's akin to a teaspoon.


Most are sensitive at this point and might require a break and maybe some cuddles and cheers before continuing.

Please do not  pressure your partner and hey if its your vagina dont ever feel bad if it does not happen.

Keep trying and the fountains of pleasure shall stream forth .

Now go and enjoy.

Let me know how it went in my DMs on twitter or Facebook.


  1. JOE BAZZ no not everyone can squirt no.


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