Habits to Ditch in 2014

So we have 9 days till 2014, its time to reflect folks.
We need to reflect on what we have achieved and what we hope to achieve.

I decided to dedicate this Sunday and the next one to writing about preparing for next year. Look before you decide what you will do next year there are some habits that you need to stop this year.
Some habits have to be left behind in 2013 and I wrote some of them for us to ditch.

Drinking fizzy drinks and not enough water is a no. The same goes for drinking alcohol in excess without water leave that behind.
Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes is the worst thing ever, it gives you cancer, it’s bad for your skin its toxic stop it now.

Biting your nails makes for ugly hands and over time can interfere with normal nail growth; damage the outer layer of your teeth, and cause nail deformities such as split nails.

Licking your lips takes away the natural oils that your lips have and thus causes them to crack and you know how painful that is.
Not going for a regular check up, yes I know hospitals and clinics can be a disconcerting but make time to go for a check up.

Some illnesses do not show until it’s too late for example cervical cancer, thrush and some Sexually Transmitted Diseases can only be seen under a microscope in their early stages.

This also brings me to you not lying to your Doctor, if your are sexually active and S/He asks tell the truth.

Not using protection; remember the age old adage that trust alone is not enough? Well it still isn’t so wrap up.

Not eating right, junk food, too much sugar and emotional eating are foodie habits to leave in 2013 as is too much oil, fat and salt.

Been a lazy couch potato is also so last year, not exercising will make you over weight; unhealthy and less hot than you should be.

Using cosmetics with dangerous ingredients is also a habit that must be broken, in the same vein ditch using the wrong beauty products for your skin type and tone.

Actually stop using too many products as well, stick to what works.
Not getting enough sleep is the worst thing you can do to yourself; your body needs to rejuvenate itself and this better done when you sleep.

Not wearing sunscreen, the bottom line is even if you are not white you need sunscreen to ward off dangers of skin cancer.

Sleeping with your makeup on is a faux pas that you must ditch wash your face every night before you sleep, if you cannot wash your face use facial wipes.

Not exfoliating, cleansing your skin is a bad habit that must be ditched in 2013 not having a proper beauty routine as well as not moisturising.

Chunky, oversize, improperly put eyelashes are a big no, please leave the scare crow look behind, stick to a length closer in length to your real eyelashes.

Wrong lipstick shade is a sight that must be ditched, look not all of us can wear pale pink like Nicky Minaj, drop it.

Yes I know I always say that you must take a risk but please ladies, some risks are too horrendous and frightful looking.

Comparing yourself to other people regardless of how hot you think they are does not benefit anyone.

Never ever feel you are less than anyone if they have any look that you like, by all means ask them how they achieve it.

Don’t however compare yourself to that best friend with ridiculously long legs or your curvy friend, Beauty is a rainbow and everyone including you has something beautiful.

Been too self conscious about your body stops you from having fun, it makes you annoying and keeps you from embracing who you are.

Have you made any New Years Resolutions health and beauty wise, next week we tackle them, it is the last Sunday of the month so lets do this.

I also have an announcement to make, I recently got nominated for the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards as Best Supporting Actress. 

So I am definitely making some new year’s resolutions as well.
I thus need your votes to get that award and you can help by logging onto the Dstv.com website and 

Listen to your body if you feel satisfied stop eating, drink a lot of water and cook the food well; minimum oil, fat, sugar and liquor.

Oh and remember to cherish your loved ones, regardless of your religious beliefs, it is a season for family, remember that.


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