Hand Bag Essentials

I know most women have that one thing they cannot leave the house without, powder, mascara, lipstick.

Well this article focuses on things that you need especially incase of an emergency.

Hand Sanitizer, Ladies let me break it down for you, you shake hands with people (you don’t know where they have been), you touch money, carry a trolley or shopping basket, public toilets; need I say more?

Do you know how many germs your hands are accumulating; that’s why you need a little bottle of hand sanitizer to rub on your hands.

I remember when I was in high school and my Home Economics Teacher said that every lady must have four things in her bag, a needle, cotton, safety pin and a button. Lets be honest emergencies happen and what happens if your dress gets torn, that button comes off?

Atleast you have a quick solution, trust me this is a fail proof solution.

Hair pins  and this for me is my must have item, I always tot them around, one because hair pins are every girls best friend.

Example, if you are having a bad hair day but suddenly a date is in sight, all you need is a hair brush and pins and voila, you have date night hair.

Hair pins also come in handy for women travelling as do scarves because you could find yourself in a place without hair salons so they best thing is just pin up that hair, or flatten it and secure with pins.

Pain Killers, Headaches have a notorious way of sneaking up on you, best way is to abet that carry some aspirin to ward off the pain.

A little notebook and pen will never go out of style imagine you need directions, your phone is about to die while you heading somewhere, what better place to write that number down than in a little notebook.

A little mirror (and before you roll your eyes at me at the obvious) some powders these days do not come with mirrors so if you need a quick touch up or to check if you have something in your teeth a compact mirror always helps.

Sanitary Tampons or pads, there is nothing worse than having discovered you need one and don’t have it, always carry a pad or tampon because you never know when you might need one ever and you could help someone if they need it.

Always I repeat always have mints in your bag, there is nothing worse than bad breath or that after lunch onion smell, always pop one in your mouth after a meal besides you never know who you might bump into.

Lip balm to always keep your lips moisturised and lipstick (or lip gloss) in case you need to need to notch up the wow factor, I always carry lipstick, its my sure fire way of upgrading meself and I equate it to dropping a barrel of confidence on my head.

If its mascara or blush that does it for you always carry it, like I said one never really knows how their day ends up.

Facial wipes are a girl and her skins best friend, If you need to touch up makeup during the day, you cannot keep slathering powder onto your face, you need to wipe that face and start afresh at least.

This not only ensures that you look fresh but also prevents you from getting breakouts, choking your skin and also prevents early wrinkles.

Keep a little bottle of lotion, in your bag it can either be hand lotion or just your preferred lotion poured in a little bottle.
This comes in handy for when you wipe your face, wash your hands or your skin gets dry.

Have a little packet of tissues, for when the ladies room doesn’t have, you spill a drink, you cut yourself, you need to blow your nose.
A handkerchief can be a substitute though I think tissues are more versatile.

Phone charger is an obvious one, carry it all the time because emergencies happen and you don’t want to be that person who always gets her friends stranded because she forgot to charge her phone.

Always have emergency cash, this money you should never ever touch unless it is an emergency, a K 20 TO K50 will do.

In the same vein always have a small denomination talk time voucher also stashed away for emergencies, K 1,K2, K5 are good examples, trust me there will come a day you might need them.

If you are carrying a huge bag then throw in some flatties in there. If you have been prancing around in heels, you will get tired and might need to change into flatties.


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