She claims him but his heart belongs to me

She claims him but his heart belongs to me.

The intricacies of this situation constantly  drowning me in waves of uncertainty.

She claims him but his mind thinks only of me.

He touches my hair, caresses my cheek, kisses my forehead

All the while ignoring her incessant calls

She claims him but his body stirs under my touch.

Should I claim him as mine 

forsaking her claim.

He is mine as well and perhaps I have more rights over him

For I keep him warm, I soothe his heart and I know his body.

It is I he holds when all she offers is her voice

A voice that is so far and away 

Yet I rethink my plans , my strategies my needs.

I rethink my pride, my guilt and her claim

I crave his heart, his loyalty but I stop my self

I put a halt to the cleopatra in me

to the Woman who would seek to draw him from her.

I draw my dagger hesitantly but it is drawn nonetheless

This is war 

For I must lay claim to him for now.


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