Shaving tips

Shaving can be tedious though and extremely painful and bruising if you do not do it well.

A little history first though, do you know that a nylon stocking shortage in during the Second World War caused a spike in the shaving trends because women were now faced to go bare legged?

Well now you know. Step one is prepping, don’t just jump onto putting a razor on your skin but soften your skin before shaving.

Always wash with whatever soap or body wash you use then rinse out with warm water so that you remove all oils and dirt.

Warm water also allows your hair to soften making it easier to remove the hair without hurting yourself then you can rinse your body after you done again.

If you are sensitive to shaving creams (like me) then use conditioner; (it’s actually better in my opinion) on wet skin then shave off. 

Schick advises that you: “Remember to shave in the direction of hair growth. 

Take your time and shave carefully over sensitive areas. For a closer shave, carefully shave against the grain of hair growth.” says : “Since your leg hairs grow down, you'll want to start at your ankles and shave up. 

For your underarms, you'll need to shave in every direction since the hair there grows in at many different angles.”
If you don’t know the direction of your hair growth then shave sideways not up or down and do it slowly do not rub the blade roughly against your skin.
If you frequently shave your legs try using olive oil as a substitute for shaving cream.
It is so effective and super healthier.
Always carefully rinse with cold water afterwards and then moisturise with either an anti-bump gel or a highly moisturising lotion.
I love to use coconut oil mixed with some drops of tea tree so that I soothe my skin.
However please don’t use oil if you know that you will use condoms later as oil erodes them also do not put oil in your private parts.
Change your razors frequently as blunt razors lead to cuts and bruises and don’t share razors or cartridges with your partner no matter how romantic it might feel, just don’t. 
Also store your shavers in a cool dry place, humidity is not good for metal.
If you are shaving your pubic hair, the same rules apply except me more gentle , rinse the razor regularly as you shave as well that’s why I said it’s better to shave as you shower or bathe.
If you have not shaved in a long time please I implore you to trim with a little scissors first before you pass a razor blade. advises that when travelling wrap your shaving stick in a toilet paper to avoid it getting wet or rusty, hitting anything hard and getting dented or dulled.
If your blade is blunt and you cannot get a new one rub it in the opposite direction that your shave on a jean.
Another tip to avoid bumps is to put a wet cloth or face towel in really cold water then as soon as you are done shaving and rinsing. Pat (don’t rub) your pubic area and then moisturise.
Cold water closes your poles and prevents inflammation and irritation.
Done be obsessive about shaving let some days pass to avoid hurting already fragile skin.
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  1. I am not a shaver! I stopped when I discovered the beauty of waxing and how long it lasts me! I do however keep razors in the house in the case of an emergency hehe so this has been really helpful. Thank you.


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