Of Oral sex and Its implications in a Relationship

I had an intense conversation a few weeks ago about Oral Sex well okay head, tongue or maybe I should use the more scientific term Cunninlingus, Felatio.

Carol (faux name) says she has been dating this guy for about close to a year or so and that she doesnt know how to ask him to go down on her. She by the way has been going down on this jamaa. (I love Swahili terms )

UMMMH well
I have a whole lot of emotions on this discussion, tonnes of statements i want to throw in.

FIRST of all you should not ask someone you are dating to reciprocate oral sex.

If you give it must be given quid pro quo.

If you feel that you have no other choice but to walk away because your partner will not reciprocate then the relationship is seriously flawed.

I think that Carol needs to sit down with him and talk about it, honestly no beating about the bush or been politically correct.

I did not say that you must be harsh or antagonistic however bear in mind that sometimes no matter how polite or gentle you are your partner might feel defensive and accuse you of attacking them.

Sex is a source of great pleasure or angst in a relationship and I honestly believe that both partners need to outline in advance what they will and will not do.

Oral sex is kind of a measure for many folks and if one is constantly going down on you but you wont reciprocate then its time to count your losses and move on before the situation and your dissatisfaction escalates.

You could end up cheating or extremely mad at your partner leading to a lot of unhappiness in the union.

Sit down and talk about it over dinner, drinks in a relaxed environment and tell Aunty Nancy how it goes.


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