Most people with natural hair think that having it in a protective style excuses them from looking after it. Yarn braids are the braids made from cotton, the woolen type also used to knit yesterday.

When they are braiding your hair ensure that you should still continue spritzing your hair every three days with water and your favorite oil.

If your scalp feels extra dirty then co-wash (wash with conditioner instead of shampoo) and wrap in a towel or blow dry.
Avoid hairstyles that are too tight and let your hair down loose more often.

Protect your roots by putting them in a pineapple bunch or in a satin scarf and sleep on a satin or silk pillow.

Remember that you need to use a heavier moisturizer like castor hair oil or Shea butter or olive oil.
Lighter oil dries up easily in cotton so ensure that you moisturize properly.

I love yarn braids and experimenting with colors , right now my favorite colour is blue grey but last time my edges suffered because the hairstylist pulled and l never realized it.

I started heating oil while my braids where in and rubbing it in on my hairline, don’t boil the oil and just warm it in a bottle and put it in boiling water so it’s just warm , then rub it on your scalp in circular motions.

Also try to avoid putting heavy yarn braids on small children as they are dangerous and heavy and give children neck aches.

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