Replacing Suits with Chitenge Shirts

A lot of the West African men wear chitenge shirts over their formal trousers :in comparison the Southern and Eastern Men wore suits.

Bear in mind that it was half of the time really sweltering hot.

I have had discussions with a lot of men from different parts of Africa and it seems like Western brothers are more willing to wear tradition-esque clothing in formal settings .

Ali from Senegal said this to me:

"Look African countries are generally  hot so l really don't understand this point of torturing mysekf in a three piece suit. Also an African man who is proud of my heritage and culture. Ankara is beautifully African so l don't see why I shouldn't wear it."


Waiganjo who is Kenyan and was wearing a suit said that he disagreed with Alis sentiments.

"I won't be convinced that Kitenge (swahili for Chitenge) can ever be formal. I feel it's more festive. A real gentleman knows no weather ".

I finally asked Mulenga what he thought seeing as he was in a shirt sleeved formal shirt.

"Personally l do have some Chitenge shirts but l reserve them for events such as weddings,parties,kitchen parties not formal settings. However after seeing the way my West African brothers are rocking these shirts maybe l ought to try it."

It was rather interesting for me because l believe that Chitenge shirts are a great substitute for Eurocentric formality.

They are a great way to incorporate colour into your outfits and work with all types and colors of slacks.

Pair with a good belt and shoes (remember that your shoes and belt must always match at formal settings).

Be confident and voila you are set.

That's it for this werk stay beautiful and healthy.

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  1. Just like you keep solid colored shirts in your wardrobe for formalwear, keep a floral one as your fancy fashionable shirt. The trick is to know what to fancy up or down when wearing any floral printed fabric. We are sure you want to look unique and not a garden.


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