Zee World is without doubt one of the most watched watched channels in the country.

Zambia is third in terms of the Channels popularity in Africa after Nigeria and South Africa.

Last week Zee World had a press briefing where they unveiled new programming to Lusaka based journalists

The channel  announced it  plans on bringing more shows to the loved channel.

Definitely great news for your auntie, you and even your housekeeper. 

Fan favourite, Twist of Fate is set to return (yes, more of Abhi) in its second season continuing the cliffhanger from last season.
King of hearts is also returning
Twist of fate is greatly loved in Zambia

Also slated for return is King of Hearts.

 Some new exciting shows such as Bride with benefits a, Begusarai  Amma and Iron Lady.

For movie lovers, it was announced that a number of top tier blockbuster movies will premiere on ZEE Bollymovies ; 

including the 2017 crime thriller, MOM, starring the Bollywood legend Sridevi, who sets out to avenge her step-daughter after the justice system failed to convict her attackers. 

With the help of a shady detective, she takes the law into her own hands. Other movies on the channel will feature A-list actors like Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Priyanka Chopra, Amitabh Bachchan and many more. "

This is according to an official Press Release BUT I have to tell you that anything involving my Shah Rukh Khan or the legendary Amitabh Bachchan is set to be awesome.


It is set to be an exciting last quarter of 2018 now isn't it?

ZEE Entertainment really is an old brand in terms of how long it has been here, I remember visiting indian friends when I was young and they would have Hindi films on.

Well I rounded up some quick facts for you.

  • Zee is in 173 countries across the globe
  • It has 40 TV Channels in India
  • It is the world's largest aggregator of Bollywood and Indian content
  • 1.3 billion viewers globally
  • A whooping 42000 movie titles 😱
  • Six channels in Zambia
  • 8.82 million households in 52 countries in Africa
Another fact that I found really in interesting is that the channel customises names and movie titles for its African clientales ease of translation.

So if a name/film title is too long , they shorten it or translate it into an easier variant. 


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