Mens style trends

Red is one of the most powerful primary colours and is often associated with passion and danger but one thing is for sure it will get you noticed.

There are, of course, different ways of wearing red whether you would rather add just a splash of it to your outfit or if you are bold enough are willing to wear it top to toe.

It is a perfect colour for a guy who exudes confidence and is comfortable in his own skin.

 Mumbi Mutale who follows this winters trend of dark hued suit with a splash of red, it’s the perfect ensemble for winter.

Printed Trousers are also a latest trend and though I must admit when I first this I rolled my ears because as with all trends some men just go too far but I have warmed up and it does look pretty (sorry quite) good if;

You balance your pattern, that is if your lower half features a strong pattern keep your upper-half clean and simple.

A well-cut, quality t-shirt is a great starting point and remember that nothing beats a classic white t-shirt think back to James Dean and Marlon Brando who I have to admit had little difficulty proving this.
A pair of leather sandals or chinos is the ideal style partner to casual printed leg wear depending on the weather and you know how unpredictable Lusaka weather is.

Jazz up white shirts a dark or bright scarf

Printed trousers are a genre that everyone can wear ranging from bright botanical trousers for the statement-makers, and subtle micro-print shorts for the more restrained gent.

In a world where men’s wardrobes are traditionally dominated by solid tones and muted hues, a dash of pattern will offer a fresh perspective and help rejuvenate your personal style.

Wool ties are in style and there are a lot of mixed emotions about them with some men saying yay and some nay.

I think like all trends you have to know when to pass and when to take it up, If you want to wear it pear it with a trench coat and slim fit pants in dark muted colours.

Additionally, I think wool ties go well with corduroy trousers OR a corduroy jacket. Dark colours are best, in navy blue, black, maroon, and charcoal, but have fun.

Coloured slacks are the rage this season and for good reason if done well they add a dash of sophistication, colours that work are sky blue, apple green, red but hey if you are bold by all means add a dash of colour in your life.

Thick knitted scarves are also in style this winter and you want to keep it as chunky and thick as possible, stick to muted or dull colours.

Ensure that you wrap it as properly as possible so you do not keep fidgeting with it, it shouldn’t be too long or too short so stick to it going around your neck about twice.

Bomber jackets are back gentlemen and this time you can have fun with them pair them with a straight jean or pants and a great fitting t-shirt and you are good to go.

Pair with chinos, loafers, canvas not formal shoes and you will do the look justice.
It’s cold right now so invest in Rugged, lace-up boots; you know the hiker lace up boots that just give you a bounce in your step? Yes those and pair them with jeans, corduroy, slim fit pants, those coloured slacks and even shorts.

As you have noticed I keep mentioning corduroy and that is because it is this seasons must have fabric especially in navy blue, invest in one especially if you are going for a smart casual event like we discussed last week.

Suits in navy blue, grey and charcoal are a must have this winter, pair them with the perfect ties and you are good to go to the office.

Coats gentlemen are essential so look for a warm wool, camel hair, or cashmere option and have it hit just above the knee to keep things modern.

If your fingers tend to get cold get some gloves, leather ones lined in lined in cashmere for added warmth, Reach for slim ones that actually allow for individual digit movement.

Knit finger less gloves are definitely a great option.


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