Walking in High Heels

Most women have at least a pair or two of high heeled shoes; I know that I can’t resist a good pair of heels.

High heeled shoes add jazz to any outfit and instantly perk up your figure but the catch line is you have to know how to walk in them.

We have all seen that lady who can’t walk in heels and is limping and lumbering along to the amusement of everyone.

Do not wear your new heels for the first time at an event but break them in beforehand. Wear them in the house as you do your chores, with some music playing so you can sashay to the beat.

You can also go to a store with them just so that you can gauge whether you will survive in them on the day you are meant to wear them.

You need to sit down and catch a break every half hour just to give your feet a break and take the pressure off your toes for a little while after all this will also help you last longer on the floor.

It’s also a great time to show off your shoes by sitting down and crossing your legs because you did buy them so they could get noticed right?

Stand straight when you are wearing heels and try to straighten and extend your leg with every step. 
You will look graceful and elegant and also avoid stomping around in an uncoordinated matter.
Focus on your core.

A tip that is helpful is for you to focus on your core by closing your eyes and gauging where your weight falls when you are in heels.

Open your eyes slowly then take your first steps while still focusing on your core, allowing your body to adjust and use the muscles necessary to help you balance.

Be confident and don’t expect the worst, if you constantly think you will fall in those heels then you will.
Invest in Dr Scholls feet cushions just to help your feet have an extra base protecting them from pressure and pain.

Wear shoes that are a perfect feet, not too small and not too big either as this will affect your step and might give you corns which are just not worth it.

If you intend on walking a long distance, wear flatties because not only are you saving your ankles and feet but you will not be so tired later.

If this is your first time wearing heels then by all means start with a smaller inch, done go all out and buy stilettos.
If the event you are going to requires standing for a long time, you might want to wear block heels or Kitten Heels or Mary Janes whose heel is stylish but comfortable.

According to College Fashion; walk heel to toe, not toe to heel. While it might be tempting to put your whole foot down at once, don’t do it – it makes your walk look strange when you’re wearing high shoes.

Instead, put your heel down first, followed by your toe. This will give you more balance and make your stride look more natural.

Take small dainty steps this might mean taking more steps but you will walk more naturally.
Draw an imaginary line in your head and follow it when walking it’s a tip that most run way models will give you as it gives a sway to the hips.

When buying heels make sure that you can bent in them because that’s one of the reasons why some women cannot walk in certain shoes as they lack flexibility in the shoes.

Cosmopolitan Magazine says: If the heel is too far back, it won't support your weight properly. The center line of the heel should be directly under the center of your own heel. Thicker heels often do this automatically, or you can look for narrow heels that dip in slightly at the top.

Finally practice practice practice but realise that heels will never be as comfortable as sneakers, or pumps.


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