Colour Blocked FBIs

There is a new trend in town, it called colour blocking.

When I was growing up every thing a woman wore matched; but these days it doesn't matter.

You can mix blue with pink, green with peach.

But the classic case of colour blocking?

FBIs- Former Black Individuals.

People who think been half dark and light is HOTT.

So upper body light and lower,  dark.

The thing about colour blocked FBIs isnt just the fact that they to subscribe to the house slave mentality.

The house slave mentality comes from the slavery era.

The lighter slaves were sent to work in the house while the darker ones had to work in the fields.

The lighter ones were thus raped and put to breed by masters.

So some slaves grew up with this self hate mentality but you see no matter how light or dark an African was.

They were still Africans and still slaves.

Some FBI's hate dark women, if you are like this Diva here who is dark and LOVES IT. They give you the look.

Worse than the one Nicholas Cage gave in the Ghost rider.

But the problem lies not in me or the fact that they know how dangerous it is.

It lies in the fact that even the ones who should know better are doing it.

We know a few artistes who are bleaching, some CEOs, some Cabinet people.

Vybz Cartel, before meets after
Because hey we all know its not just women or gay men who do it.

Even some so called ''bad boys '' do it. An example is Vybz Cartel, jamaican  dance hall sexist extraordinaire.

A little closer to home are the gospel musicians,especially the ones who sing rhumba.

Like seriously!!! perhaps they are trying to recreate a halo or something.

Last week this Diva bumped into one of these Zambian players plying their trade at T.P Mazembe looking like a hybrid.

Yes we know that congolese people bleach their skin but really do our Zambian players have to morph into that syndrome as well?

As for the women who bleach their children:may you melt in the sun and have your nose fall off.

Its just not cool, to put highly concentrated chemicals into a sensitive child before it even knows the  rainbow is an outrage.

The thing about bleaching dear wannabe Diva is that no matter how decent or independent you are?

You just end up looking like a desperate cheap person, (note am using the person term very loosely right now.)

There is nothing worse than some FBI walking in wearing pink leggings, orange top and yellow face.

The brown slippers and black feet are a bonus haha.

Please colour block your clothes not your body.

Am just saying.



  1. People say Black is Beautiful, being someone whose skin colour is dark, and not to seem prejudice i like to say 'natural is beautiful'. I hate to judge but someone people come off really scary, yellow skin, black hands and the, dare not say. Why they do it, only they know the answer to that. In my view, anyone who bleaches their skin has some serious insecurity issues, no two ways about it. I wouldn't dare especially with the cancers going round...PokeYourmind.

  2. It is a serious insecurity issue, no two ways about it.

    They apparently think been dark is dirty which is so contrary to what it really is.

    The funny thing though is that they have to be night riders cos they cannot handle the sun lol

  3. Even more appalling; bleached skin,fake eyelashes,fake nails and red blush on the cheeks :(

  4. lol Its amazing how they can look in the mirror and like what they see.

    The red blush is funny because like powder it has shades but No: FBIs must always stand out.

    It is annoying and becoming a serious eye sore.


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