Gosh where to start.


When you make someone or something the source of your everything.

Happiness, Money, Orgasms yes I said it.

Some people call it love (please), others call it obsession and the cynical refer to it as stupidity, I call it chronic insecurity.

You think your world revolves around this person, you live for them to make you happy and when they do not; you still convince yourself that they are.

You stifle the other person with your needs, financial and sexual can perhaps be excused but emotional uh uh.

Only one person is responsible for your feelings. YOU

A fabulous friend of mine once wrote that you cannot live with someone unless you have learnt to live by yourself.

When you are truly secure then you will not need someone to constantly pamper your low self esteem.

You will be sure of who you are and what you need  and thus will be less inclined to put up with anything or anyone.

So perhaps thats what Divadiarys trys to get you to be.

To see the latest fashion not because you want him or her to like it but because it makes you look good.

To hit the hippest most happening clubs not because (ok not only because) you want to pick up someone but because you want to have fun.

Been a Diva is not about showing off, its about been who you are, ladies that means you dont wear a
KR 5000 weave when you barely own a bed.

Been a Diva is about accessorizing fashion with brains, no one likes a dumb person unless they are equally dumb.

Its about self confidence and self worth.

Been Divenely Inspired and Victoriously Annointed is the true epitome of a DIVA.

So heres to you as I finish off my  vodka and this post.



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