We dont have shades for black people

"We dont have shades for black people!"  Words that some lady at the Clarins counter told a friend and I in Foschini at Levy Junction.

 I think she saw the look on our faces because she suddenly said 'ah we have just run out.'

 She then proceeded to direct us to Edgars, truth be told she gave Edgars a lot of market that day.

The fact is that black women use a lot of makeup, we buy cosmetics and to have a shop not stock products suitable for Africans is insulting.

I had an inkling of her prejudice when we just walked in, she gave us the eye (the one given to Julia Roberts in pretty woman).

I have a thing about attendants in 'uptown shops' who stereotype people into classes.

Just because I do not have the money or DIVA look does not mean I cannot afford stuff in your shop.

So yes we went to Edgars and the service there was so great that we went into impulse shopping mode.

Its about time these so called up town shops got with the programme.

This is Zambia a land of diverse people we have Caucasians, Indians, Blacks and a beautiful mix of everything.

If you intend to open up shop here, have stuff we can buy and if you dont have them say so politely.

Telling me you do not have shades for black people is simply insulting.

Its this attitude that made big name cosmetics brand lose out to Black Opal.

The elite brands had no shades for people of colour, Black Opal saw this gap in the market and they (as well as Iman) made tonnes of money.

Then everyone thought Oh lets make some products for black people.

So dear Foschini at Levy Junction! Get with the programme

By the way, it is two friends of mine (one black and the other white) who told me to vent on this blog.



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